Christian Books

Please enjoy the books in this library. Understand that some items may conflict with each other, doctrinally, contently, subject wise, and on other aspects. These resources are used for study purpose only and most of the resources are no longer available in print, or they might be available in PDF at google as preservation. These christian books have had significant impact on religious movements, educational institutes, reference and history. We like you to have them towards your further study.

Note, because they are included here does not mean they are endorsed in whole or in part. Please prayerfully consider what is being taught in light. In otherwords... Read wisely... and spit out the bones.. as some are very good teaching... and some are here.. more from a historical perspective...

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Obedience is a key principal for any believer and it is not an optional choice but compulsory, which should never be a burden for regenerated person but should always be blessing in scantification.