Literally Zion is applied to Jerusalem (or to certain parts of it) from reference (2 Samuel 5:7) "David took the stronghold of Zion, that is, the city of David".

Zion in Psalms 48:1-2 described as "the City of our God" situated on a high mountain, it is called "the joy of all the earth" and "the perfection of beauty" (Psalm 50:2) also speak about mount Zion in the form of glory.

In Is.49:14 passage Zion is referred to the city described as Lord has forgotten her in terms of feelings,……..God is answering as “a mother may forget her nursing baby, but He will never forget His city”,…

Below is the reference showing Mount Zion (today’s view)

This picture is from "pictorial library of bible land" can be found in my dropbox library.image


Obedience is a key principal for any believer and it is not an optional choice but compulsory, which should never be a burden for regenerated person but should always be blessing in scantification.